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people-motion’s survey on restructuring business to benefit three UK charities this Christmas

2nd December 2014, London – people-motion has announced that its ‘people and restructuring’ survey for 2015 will benefit three nominated UK Charities this Christmas, each receiving a pre-Christmas donation, with the charities nominated by survey respondents.

“This Christmas we have decided to give something back, and felt that the standard iPad or M&S vouchers of many industry surveys were old hat”, said people-motion co-founder Philip Clayson, “Instead we have chosen to support three charities, nominated by randomly selected respondents who complete our ‘people and restructuring’ survey”

The survey asks HR managers, transformation and restructuring advisors, and legal professionals, about the impact of recent changes to Government employment legislation and examines how this changing landscape will impact approaches to future businesses restructuring.

“The changes in Employment legislation and recent Employment Tribunal decisions, makes the 2015 people-motion survey critically timed”, says Philip Clayson.

The survey also examines how industry professionals feel about the future of restructuring in their company, industry and role, together with attitudes to using technology over traditional methods in restructuring projects.

Philip added, “This survey also examines opinions and attitudes to using software for business restructuring. We are starting to see the end of the era of restructuring projects dependent on printed paperwork and spread sheets and are examining this change in approach in the survey.”

All survey recipients will receive a free copy of the survey results in early 2015.