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UK’s First Dedicated Software Tool to Help HR Executives Manage Restructuring

Speeding up and simplifying restructuring while reducing costs; ensuring a fair and legally compliant process

10 June 2014, London – At the CIPD’s HR Software Show next week, people-motion will be unveiling the UK’s first HR application to simplify and speed up restructuring. This easy-to-use tool reduces the potential legal risks emanating from a merger, acquisition, downsizing or outsourcing programme.

For the first time, HR executives and business managers can record pertinent details for each step of a restructuring project, including interviews, and track every email correspondence using people-motion’s email system. Users can choose to run the application on their preferred device, whether iPad, smartphone or laptop. HR executives can also share appropriate project details and progress with other managers, employees, Trade Union representatives and lawyers through a secure web site.

By automating the processes and time-stamping the transactions involved – from email, letter-writing and reminders to auditing and management reporting – people-motion reduces the potential risk of errors. The result is a fair and legally compliant process that avoids the excessive cost, stress and time involved, as well as helping to avoid Appeals and Employment Appeals.

“While technology has seeped into nearly every part of business life, the restructuring process has often remained dependent on printed paperwork, spreadsheets, and the need to continually lock away confidential files. This is hugely inefficient and expensive,” said Phil Clayson, people-motion co-founder. “People-motion is the first solution that automates the entire process, reducing complexity, time, costs and risk.”

The people-motion software automatically produces the critical components for a restructuring, acquisition, in/outsource or transformation project, including a time-based report of all transactions, meetings, messages and other correspondence,

People-motion reduces project management costs by tracking follow-up actions from meetings and providing management reporting. This saves hours of work per employee involved in even the simplest restructure.

“Simply by reducing paperwork in a mid-size restructuring project, people-motion can cut the man hours by 95% compared to a manual HR management system. We can demonstrate how the use of people-motion for a restructuring project can result in a saving of many tens and even sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds,” added Clayson.

If an employee wants to appeal or begin tribunal proceedings, the traditional way of preparing paperwork for a tribunal can consume weeks of time. Government figures indicate that there are approximately 200,000 employment tribunal applications each year relating to employment restructuring. The costs for an employer in preparation time alone can run to tens of thousands of pounds. People-motion massively reduces this time, saving weeks of preparation time per tribunal case.

“Almost every HR department – from the smallest business to a large corporate – gets involved in restructuring at some point and it is generally considered to be the most stressful part of the job,” commented Paul Allen, Director at Comotional, who has been involved in several corporate restructuring programmes. “There is huge pent-up demand for a tool that can support the HR team and relieve them of the burden of so much paperwork as they deal with this often fraught and sensitive issue. This has the potential to cut costs dramatically while making the HR team’s jobs more satisfying.”

People-motion operates securely and cost-effectively using a cloud model that is appropriate for companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors. It is available via a secure web site that runs on all tablets, smartphones and PCs. It is available now on a monthly subscription model.

About People-motion

People-motion draws on its founders’ many years business restructuring experience working with start-ups, as well as medium and large organisations. During that time, the team has led mergers and acquisitions, synergy rationalisation, organisational restructuring, divestments and worked on complex and sensitive TUPE transactions with companies including BT, Sony and Vodafone.

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