What We Do

people-motion provides the UK’s only software dedicated to protecting your business from legal risk, as well as helping you reduce complexity, time and cost during company transformation, restructuring and Employment Law compliance.

Whether your company is growing through transformation and restructuring, such as mergers and acquisitions, adapting to better reflect your marketplace (in/out-sourcing), or are looking for improved compliance with Employment Law, these time-consuming legal processes produce complex and risky challenges.

people-motion helps you by providing easy-to-use software to simplify these complex legal processes. It allows your transformation, restructure and compliance projects to be done with less stress, in less time and with lower risk of industrial and employment relations issues. What’s more, people-motion is designed for companies of all sizes in all industries and sectors.

With an emphasis on simplicity, people-motion’s Employment compliance software is designed with mobile devices in mind, meaning you can work anywhere and anytime to deliver your people change project.

people-motion supports a fair, legal and transparent restructure process

Who We Are

We are a team of people delivering software enabled simplicity to the complex and risky process of Employment Law compliance for companies of all sizes in the UK who are growing, transforming or who need better compliance. We are people-motion.

Having delivered large business transformation and improvement in some of the UK’s biggest companies, we decided there was a better way; a better way than using endless spreadsheets, piles of paper and many hours of time. Today people-motion provides software designed to be used anywhere, by anyone, to simplify the processes, legalities, and administrative pain of all types of people-based business compliance, from restructures and transformation to Employment Law compliance.

The people-motion software draws on many years leading or contributing to business change experience in start-ups, as well as mid and large sized organisations. During that time our team have led mergers and acquisitions, synergy rationalisation, employee governance and mandatory compliance, as well as organisational restructuring, divestments sensitive TUPE transactions, with the following companies.

people-motion reduces the risks of your

restructuring project, cutting your admin time and saving costs

The Benefits

Reducing Risk / Compliance

Is people-motion legally compliant?

Appeals and Employment Tribunals are expensive, stressful and time consuming. Our software helps you avoid these by giving you a fair and legally compliant process for your entire project. By removing the risk of process errors in your re-structure people-motion helps reduce the chance of anyone being unfairly treated.


Do I need training to use people-motion software?

No! people-motion is designed without the complexity of most business software. From the beginning we kept everything simple and it’s so easy-to-use you and your people won’t need any training. There is no manual and there are none of the confusing help screens that are found in most business software.

Time Saving

How much time will I save?

people-motion’s software is designed to save hours of work per employee in even the simplest restructure, merger or acquisition. It will save you significant costs in project management, in tracking meeting actions and in providing management reporting.


Can I work on the move?

You can use people-motion anytime and anywhere. We don’t believe you should have to carry a heavy laptop around or be chained to your office or desk. People-motion is built to work on mobile devices, meaning you can work anywhere: at home, at work, or on your commute.

Transaction Log

Will people-motion help me keep accurate project records?

Every project transaction is automatically time-stamped and recorded to enable management reporting any at level. This protects you from potentially damaging claims and is an essential requirement for auditability.

One Size Fits All

Is my company too small for the people-motion software?

No company or project is too small for us. ‘One size fits all’ was in our design requirements from the outset, so we chose technology to suit re-organisation projects from a few dozen people to large corporates.

Autosend Letters

Will I still have to type out relevant letters myself?

No. people-motion can automatically create, schedule and send any important communications and letters. Whether you have your own legal templates you’d like to use or you need help providing standard letters, people-motion can adapt to your demands.

Trades Union

How transparent is people-motion?

people-motion is designed so that everyone in your projects, from managers and employees, to advisors from human resources, trade union representatives or lawyers are all able to log in and track the projects and process as they develop.

Cloud Storage

How and where will my data be stored?

people-motion uses secure, cost-effective cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about storing project data yourself. If you urgently need more (or less) data, the people-motion software adapts to fit your needs.

No IT issues

How long will it take me to set people-motion up?

people-motion can run standalone (without needing your IT or finance teams to ‘approve’ or set anything up). Just open your browser and begin, or we can integrate into your existing data and IT systems quickly.

take a look at our 6 step ‘quick user guide’ to see how people-motion works

How It Works

people-motion works as a collection of legally accredited projects, with each one having industry standard workflow.

These workflows normally require structured meetings and legally compliant communications with affected employees and their advisors, both in groups and individually. people-motion supports transformation, restructuring and Employment compliance projects of any type including acquisitions, TUPE, non-EU worker VISA/Immigration compliance and Shared Parental leave.

people-motion software provides features to help you with your new organisational design, vacancy management, creating and managing pooling, and selection processes.

Part of any major restructure is reporting and data analysis, so people-motion supports the creation of real-time management information reports, with report data arranged by employee, pool, project progress or stage reached, location, job type or function (or any other project data category you choose).

Below is a 6 step illustrative guide to people-motion software. These screens will vary based on your project type, which sets the project workflow project processes and project communications. A full colour and logo branding is applied before you launch your project.

please get in touch to talk through your restructuring, merger or acquisition project


Please get in touch to talk through your restructuring project.


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